Shin and Foot Protector


Sizing Guide

This is a guide only:

  • XXS up to 6 years of age (For height between 90 cm and 110 cm)
  • X- Small up to 8 years of age (For height between 110 cm and 135 cm)
  • Small up to 12 years of age (For height between 135 cm and 150 cm)
  • Medium up to 16 years of age (For height between 150 cm and 170 cm)
  • Large 17 years and above (For height between 170 cm and 190 cm)
  • X-Large 18 years and above (For height greater than 190 cm)


The Shin and foot protector are used to protect martial arts and combat athletes during training. The Shin and foot protector slides down and has dents on the zippers to securely hold your legs and feet. These are made of thick, durable, and high-quality PU leather to provide excellent protection against abrasion resistance, breathability, safety, and long life.


  • High-density foam and additional pads (shanks and insteps) improve shock absorption.
  • Foot straps and soft rubber straps rest snugly and comfortably on the sole. The heel and heel loops are well crocheted for a comfortable, practical, and durable fit.
  • The comfortable inner village, non-slip lines, tight and comfortable fit to prevent falling, not easy to move, improved user protection, soft, comfortable, deodorant, and breathable.
  • The straps are wide, sturdy, and durable for added stability, comfort, and protection. 
  • Delicate and safe hand-stitching technology improves product durability.

These Shin and foot protectors give you the ultimate protection! 

The concave design gives you the best impact strength. 

High-quality Shin and foot protector, available in a variety of colours, give you a good shot during your workout!

  • Extra protection during your sparring drills
  • Use kicks with confidence
  • Two extra wide velcro straps for an extra secure fit
  • Third strap across the calf with double velcro fastening for added comfort