Mouth Guard




Choosing the right mouthguard can be a complex process. Each mouthguard has different features and benefits, but what if you need a mouthguard that works in other sports? Our custom-fit mouthguards are designed to be completely versatile.


  • It features dual-layer technology that protects teeth, gums, and lips from impact in any sport.
  • Plus, it uses boil and bites technology to fit your mouth perfectly.
  • These mouthguards are all of high quality and can be used by amateur and professional fighters.
  • High-density rubber frame that distributes shock and protects the tops of your teeth better than most mouthguards.
  • It comes with a carrying case; it is super resilient and makes it easier to breathe when in a fight.
  • It is designed specifically for combat sports – like boxing, MMA, and martial arts – but could be used for other sports as well.